Kamini Vidrawan Ras for Premature Ejaculation

Baidyanath Kaminividrawan RasAyurvedic medicines such as Kamini Vidrawan ras helps in enhancing the sexual pleasure during intercourse as it contains herbs with aphrodisiac properties. It increases the duration of sexual pleasure by controlling ejaculation. It reduces the stress and anxiety level which gives more time to men to avoid early discharge. Spilanthes acmella or Akarakaraba is one among those herbs which shows its functionality in endocrine system particularly increases the testosterone hormone. This hormone plays key role in male sexual function. Kamini Vidrawan Rasa also contains many other multiple herbal drugs aphrodisiac in nature. Kamini Vidrawan Rasa have other ingredients like Sonth or dry ginger, Clove extracts, Kesar, Pippali, Javitri, Jaiphal, Chandan and purified Gandhak.  The ingredients mentioned will act as vajikarana or aphrodisiac and the pungent properties of the drug will help to boost vigor and maintains enhanced sexual function.

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Full erection of penis with delayed ejaculation causes deeper penetration into vagina and enough satisfaction during the intercourse, giving orgasm feeling to both partners. That is where Vidrawan Kamini Ras is helpful in treating premature ejaculation. However there are certain psychological factors which has to be taken care like doing meditation with general exercises to improve the sexual stamina and vigor. Along with Kamini Vidrawan Ras. One can undergo panchakarma treatments which will help to improve and increase the acceptability of the herbal medicines.

What is Premature Ejaculation? 

Premature Ejaculation is one of the sexual dysfunction among males where it is usually characterized by ejaculation which occurs prior to or within short period of vaginal penetration and associated with psychological consequences such as frustration, distress, avoidance of sexual intimacy.  Inability to delay ejaculation is also one important factor to be noticed when counted on performance basis. 

Understanding premature ejaculation in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is vast knowledge bank for all branches of ancient medicines. Sexual medicine being one of the important subjects and well explained by ayurvedic scholars and experts under Vajikarana branch in 8 branches of Ayurveda.  In ayurveda there are many contexts where the sexual dysfunction is highlighted. Premature ejaculation is also highlighted in ayurveda with classical medicine treatment.

How premature ejaculation happens

There are phases involved in the sexual intercourse such as desire, arousal, foreplay, climax or orgasm, which both partners experience simultaneously.  Ejaculation happens when the semen comes out in rhythmic contractions from the soft muscles called penis. Ejaculation is ultimate moment of sexual high for a man or satisfaction being felt during the course of sexual act.  It may often required for the male to delay the ejaculation until the female partner is also ready for the climax phase and inability to delay and ejaculating prior to that develops in premature ejaculation.

The delay in ejaculation usually may be from 8 minutes to 20 minutes which is normal as an act of intercourse and if it is being happening less than one minute more frequently, then it can be considered as medical condition called premature ejaculation.


It is classified into two sets, like primary premature ejaculation which is prolonged or lifelong suffering and the second one is secondary premature ejaculation which is associated with certain diseases like diabetes, or prostatic problems, certain disorders of central nervous system.

Symptoms of premature ejaculation

Though premature ejaculation itself acts as a symptom, there are some pre-triggering factors or predisposing factors which will definitely assist practitioners to detect the problem easily and give more chances to correct the issue effectively.

Treatment Approach in Ayurveda for premature ejaculation

As it is mentioned in Ayurveda that most of the sexual dysfunction disorders do take place due to Vata dosha and there is elaborate explanation regarding the same under Vajeekarana subject.

After taking a look at proper history of an individual, we have to rule out certain issues such as psychological issues, because most of the times there is a fear factor and anxiety which often causes premature ejaculation and the environment of the place where sexual intercourse also does matters.

So, in order to prevent premature ejaculation, certain external factors are also to be taken care of like maintaining pleasant environment and pleasant mind and the act of foreplay before having actual intercourse will definitely help to delay the act of ejaculation.

Though there are some methods mentioned in science, they are all to help to control or delay premature ejaculation such as squeeze technique, some exercises like kegel’s exercise etc.


  1. This medicine has a key role in treating premature ejaculation. This is mainly due to the presence of key drug Anacyclus pyrethrum or akarkara which is an excellent aphrodisiac.Following exercise and yoga along with this medicine is seen to fast heal the condition.

  2. Premature ejaculation is one of the common problems experienced by men who try to have a healthy progeny. Psychological issues like anxiety, stress, extreme tiredness also adds to the problem. This combination with medicines which act as an aphrodisiac, that which rejuvenates, improves orgasm and gives energy helps to overcome the problem along with lifestyle changes. In this way it helps to satisfy the female partner and also for a effective pregnancy.