Benefits and Uses

Kamini Vidrawan Ras is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. It comes in the form of pills / tablets. It has benefits and uses mainly for men sexual problems. It boost-up the power of men to achieve extreme pleasure in sexual act. It provides strength, builds up confidence, helps in relieving the stress level. Kamini ras is best for enhancing vigor and vitality. Kamini vidravan ras makes men's organ stronger and bring harder erection for deeper and stronger love making. Kamaini vidrawan ras increases the flow of blood in male organ so that it becomes bigger, thicker and stronger. It also helps to achieve sex for long duration due to its herbal ingredients, so it cures early discharge.  Kamini vidravan ras reduces the over anxiety which is main cause of early ejaculation while sexual intercourse.

Men who uses Kamini Vidrawan Ras have more satisfied female partner,  which helps to build good relationship and confidence in marital life.

Few key benefits and indications are mentioned below:-

  1. Kamini vidravan cures Erectile dysfunction and brings harder erection in males.
  2. It cures Impotency due to any reason as it is very potent ayurveda medicine.
  3. Kamini tablets cures premature ejaculation / early discharge. A person suffering from premature ejaculation can never satisfy a women, so kamini ras builds stamina and male can perform longer.
  4. It build confidence during sexual intercourse, calming your mind and reducing the anxiety level.
  5. It brings higher level of pleasure by increasing the libido.
  6. Kamini medicine increases energy level, vitality and vigor.


  1. Kamini Vidrawan Ras provides strength and boost power in Men. Apart from this medicine if someone does pranayama and yoga then it the results would be extremely better. Doing pranayama bring you Calk, Peace, Self Control, Energy and all other disorders are cured automatically. Bhastrika pranayama calms your mind, Bayaha pranayama cures all problem related to the reproductive system, Kapalabhati boosts energy level, Anuloma viloma controls your breathing, Bharamari makes the mind strong, Udgeeth connect you with God.

    So doing pranayama is must along with this medicine.

  2. As mentioned there are several benefits available from its use. As far as this product is concerned, akarkara is the chief ingredient which plays aphrodisiac role. All other ingredients present helps in enhancing the activity of this potent drug at its best.

  3. It is necessary to have a proper diet, exercise, counselling, yoga, meditation, reduced stress to have the full benefits of the medicine. In people experiencing sexual problems they also need medicines along with the above mentioned factors to correct it. Once it becomes better it is always ideal to function naturally without any stimulants. This medicine gives the necessary support to correct and function naturally.