It is important that one should take right dosage of Kamini Vidrawan Ras. The right dosage is 1 / 2 pills with milk after the breakfast in the morning and 1 / 2 pills with milk during night before going to bed. When you have sexual desire then take 1 / 2 pills half an hour before starting the love making. Correct dosage will make sure that you get the best results without any side effects.

If some one has special conditions like high BP, heart problem etc. then he should consult his physician before starting this ayurveda medicine. Old age can also be the factor of taking precautions in consuming the right dosage of kamini tablets.

It should be consumed with the milk for best concentrated with sugar.


  1. If the medicine is not consumed as per the guidance then it may bring addiction to user. Some people take overdose for extreme pleasure but one should note that anything in excess brings harmful effect on human health. A balance is to be maintained while consuming Kamini Vidravan ras. Also note that Kamini Vidrawan Ras is anayurvedic medicine and this formula is manufactured by various companies BUT one should take care that only use it from well known manufactures with good reviews. Composition, processing and purity is very important factor for any ayurvedic medicine. Ignorance in any of these can cause side effects.

  2. The dosage of this medicine shall be taken as per direction. Excessive dosage of this drug can cause serious ill effects to the body. Kindly notice to take milk soon after the intake of this medicine, as milk is seen to act as a catalyst to enhance its activity.

  3. More tablets or taking them for a long time will cause adverse effects. It may cause weakness, tremors, dependency and also other side effects as it is a herbometallic combination. Any medicine is to be taken in the prescribed form for the full benefits. Otherwise instead of the benefits, it will lead to bad effects. Always consult a physician after using it for a month and especially when you have any specific health conditions.