Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and Yoga plays important role in having a good strong sexual relationship with your partner. Exercise increases the flow of blood circulation in your body where required and makes your male organ stronger bring positive effects. Exercises like running and jogging is the best but who cannot run can also walk few KM a day. Cycling is also the best for exercise of your lower part.

Yoga is an ancient healing technique which sages have used to demonstrate how to live a healthy life socially, physically and sexually. Yoga has helped many soles achieving their desires of reaching ecstasy  level. If some one does following techniques daily for 45 minutes then not only one will achieve healthy body but also the health mind, reduced stress level and freedom :-

  1. Bhastrika pranayama - for mind and soul, practice 10 minutes
  2. Kapalbhati pranayama - for organs in stomach (kidney, liver etc), abdomen, heart, reproductive organs
  3. Anuloma viloma - to reduce stress level and better breathe control which help you during sexual intercourse.
  4. Bharamari pranayama - stress relief and anxiety killer


  1. Exercise and yoga is seen to have a prime role in life. Apart from enhancing sexual activity, it ensures proper working of the human body system. Most of the lifestyle diseases are easily healed when one follows both exercise and yoga along with medications prescribed.

  2. Exercise, Yoga and Pranayamam play a great role along with medicine for a better sexual life as many of them arise due to psychological reasons also. Exercises like abdominal lifts, pelvic tilts, kegel exercise, squats, lunges are helpful as these increase the muscle tone which increase the sexual gratification as orgasm depends on the muscular activity. Weights training also increases testosterone which also helps. Yogasanas like Surya namaskar, sethu bandhasana, pavanamuktasana, vajrasana, bhujangasana helps. Anuloma viloma, bhastrika pranayamam are beneficial.