1. For Erectile Dysfunction - In which male organ does not stand / erect properly resulting in loose penetration and low satisfaction for both the partners. Kamini Vidrawan Ras make penis stronger, healthier and thicker.
  2. For premature ejaculation - In this problem male ejaculates semen quickly without the satisfaction of other partner. Any ejaculation with in 2 minutes of penetration is considered as early discharge. Kamaini vidrawan ras has such ingredients which calms your mind, reduces the stress level helping in stay longer in the game.
  3. For Low Libido - Low libido is low sexual desire, which happens due to weak body and low energy level. A person with low energy level can never have good sexual intercourse because he will get tired and loose his breathe fast. Kamini Vidrawan Ras builds up stamina by bossing the energy level to perform better. Your partner will ask for more and more looking at your strength and energy level like horse.
  4. For Low sperm count - Men who are unable to make his partner pregnant suffer from generally low sperm count. This is also called male infertility. Kamini Vidrawan Ras makes your semen thick and raise the sperm count. Famale has higher chances of getting pregnant when male penetrate into vagina with more power, strength and passion. Kamini Vidrawan Ras  unable a man to become true lover.

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  1. A male sexual problem which may lead to infertility is a common problem experienced by newly married or even in other age groups. This medicine can be taken to boost the energy level, correct sexual problems, and improve the quality of the semen. It nourishes the dhathus thereby improving the overall health also. Sometimes there may be a problem that needs to be corrected with the help of medicine where this is an appropriate one and after that you can follow a good diet, exercise, yoga, pranayamam for a better sexual health after stopping the medicines.