Side Effects

Overdosage can cause addiction and one should consult his/her own physician before administrating this medicine.

Kamini Vidrawan Ras is a safe to use ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine makes body and overall health stronger to fight the health problem and generally do not have any side effects, if taken in the prescribed quantity and with the right administration.

Kamini Vidrawan Ras benefits are much larger in comparison to its occasional side effects if overdose is consumed for long period, otherwise it  does not have any side effects. One need to take proper dosage for avoiding side effects. In few cases over dosage may cause irritation, dizziness etc. If one continues to take over dose to achieve higher rate of pleasure then he can become addicted to this medicine. If somebody gets addiction of kamini vidravan ras then reduce the dosage gradually by dropping the number of pills consumed and consult your ayurveda physician.

So always consult your own physician for the best advice if you are not sure about dose or administration. In general Kamini tablets have safe herbo - mineral ingredients which does not cause any side effects.


  1. It has no side effect because it is made of herbal Ingredients processed and prepared as per ayurveda scriptures.

  2. It is seen to be free from any side effects when used in right dosage and mode of administration as per direction. Excessive dosage is fatal and can cause harmful effects to the system.

  3. There are so many medicines which taken in the right dosage is beneficial, but the same when taken in excess causes adverse effects. It applies to this medicine also. So it can be used to enhance the sexual pleasure with the proper dosage and prescribed time. Since they are in the right proportion it will not cause dependency, so better to consider making life style changes beneficial for a healthy mind and body.

  4. So if someone is taking this to keep awake for 20+ 30+ hours to drive what are the side effects then?

    1. YEs it should be only consumed for medical purposes with consultation with doctor.